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Message form the Dean




The Faculty of Dentistry is the newest faculty in the university.Our mission statement is to train high level dental manpower with excellence in diagnosis, management and prevention of oral and peri-oral disease conditions and with acquisition of skills relevant to the planning of oral health needs of the North-western zone of Nigeria in particular and the Nation in general. The undergraduate dental programme is adopting a community oriented and community based educational philosophy for the training of its dentists
The faculty shares the same curriculum with MBBS programme in 100 level in the faculty of science, and also in 200-400 levels in the school of Basic Medical Sciences and Clinical Sciences. Undergraduate dental students in addition do oral biology in 200-300levels and advanced operative technique in 400 level. The 500-600 levels are devoted to the junior and senior clerkships in the faculty of dentistry.

The BDS programme is very rigorous and it does not operate the credit systems like the other faculties. There are hardly any breaks once the students enter the clinical years and students undergo professional examinations at each level which they must pass before proceeding to the next one.This will give the students insight to the details of the faculty’s academic activities and help them concentrate on their academic work and graduate on time with minimal delays. This handbook should be used along with the university and faculty of medicine handbooks and any other regulations of the university.I want to express my profound appreciation to the current and immediate past vice chancellors for making the faculty a reality May God grant us the grace to be the best dental institution in the country and produce graduates that will lead in oral health care delivery to the community.